David J. Palmiter, Jr., Ph.D., ABPP
(570) 587-2273

Professional Services (non-clinical)
(Individuals who are interested in clinical services should not email me. Instead, feel free to call me or to click on the practice link above.)

Speaking Engagements | Coaching | Consultations to the Media

Speaking Engagements
I am available to give a presentation to your group. I have a broad base of experience presenting to
teachers, parents, mental health professionals, office workers and other groups. For a listing of presentations
I've given to professional groups click here. For a list of public education offerings and presentations
click here. Even if I cannot meet your group's needs, I belong to several networks of psychologists and
may be able to link you up with another person. So, don't hesitate to be in touch if only to kick around
ideas. My number is listed above. My email address is david@palmiter.com.

Coaching Services
I am available for professional or personal coaching. Coaching
services can be useful for such things as developing professional
or personal mission statements, becoming more self-actualized
and happy, planning vocational enrichment, improving professional or
personal effectiveness and finding inspiration. At the start of
a coaching relationship we would agree on what specific goals you
would like to accomplish. Coaching can be as simple as a single
appointment, or it can evolve into an ongoing relationship, depending
upon your goals and interests. Sessions, which are usually
50 minutes in length, can be done in person, by telephone or by
video conferencing. For other details please do not hesitate to
be in touch. My number is listed above. My email address is

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Media Consultation
As public education is a centerpiece of my professional
mission statement, I am readily available for interviews with
media professionals. My primary areas of expertise are parenting,
committed relationships and family issues. However, I have
consulted on a broad range of topics over the years (for a list of
public education projects that I've worked on click here).
As I am a public education coordinator for the American
Psychological Association, even if I cannot serve your needs I could
probably link you with qualified psychologist who could. You
can also count on a same day return phone call or email.
My number is listed above. My email address is david@palmiter.com.

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