David J. Palmiter, Jr., Ph.D., ABPP
(570) 587-2273


Referral Sources for Evaluation and Treatment
Agencies offering a sliding
scale or low fee services in
Northeastern Pennsylvania
Psychological Services Center, Marywood University (570) 348-6269
Catholic Social Services (570) 207-2283
Scranton Counseling Center (570) 348-6100
Friendship House, Scranton (570) 342-8451
Children's Services Center, Wilkes Barre (570) 825-6425
Community Counseling, Wilkes Barre (570) 823-2155
Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services (DATS), Scranton (570) 961-1997
Tri-County Human Services Center (570) 278-3393
Listings of private
Directory of psychologists with board certification in
clinical psychology
Who's Who in Mental Health on the Web
National Directory of Psychologists
Pennsylvania Psychological Association Listings
The Special Kids Network Offers info on public
agencies as well
To find a therapeutic www.natsap.org
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Support Groups/Associations

(Contact the support group to find a chapter close to you.)
General Issues
American Self Help Clearinghouse (201) 625-7101
National Self-Help Clearinghouse (212) 354-8525
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (800) 950-NAMI
Domestic Violence
Batterers Anonymous (951) 312-1041 For men who wish to control
abusive behavior
Safe Horizon For victims of domestic violence
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Sexual Abuse
Survivors of Incest Anonymous (410) 893-3322
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Compulsive Behaviors
Sex Addicts Anonymous (800) 477-8191 Recovery from compulsive
sexual behavior
Debtors Anonymous (781) 453-2743 Help with over spending
Gam-Anon Family Groups (718) 352-1671 For friends and family of
compulsive gamblers
Gamblers Anonymous (718) 352-1671
Spenders Anonymous
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Substance Abuse
Adult Children of Alcoholics World Service Organizations (562) 595-7831
Al-Anon and Alateen Family Groups (757) 563-1600
Alcohol and Drug Hotline (800) 821-4357 24 hour line
Alcoholics Anonymous (212) 870-3400
Narcotics Anonymous (818) 773-9999
Nar-Anon World Wide Services (800) 477-6291 Similar to Al-Anon, but for friends
and families of addicts
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (800) GET-MADD Support for victims of drunk
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Childhood Issues
Center for the Study of Autism
Resources for parents of a child with autism
Children and Adults with Attention Deficit (301) 306-7090
Learning Disabilities Association of America (412) 341-1515
Federation of Families for Children's Mental (240) 403-1909
National Down Syndrome Congress (800) 232-NDSC
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Anxiety Disorders Association of America (240) 485-1001
Phobics Anonymous (619) 322-COPE
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Parenting & Family Issues
National Parent Teacher Association (800) 518-1200 National PTA organization
Compassionate Friends (877) 969-0010 For parents who have lost a child
Parenting Anonymous (909) 621-6184 Support group for parents
Tough Love International (800) 333-1069
Postpartum Support International (800) 967-7636
Divorce Central
Parenting tips Yahoo rated "Best Parenting Site"
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Medical Issues
Alzheimer's Association (800) 272-3900
Alzheimer's Disease Education and (800) 438-4380
Referral Center
Cancer Care (800) 813-HOPE For those who have lost a loved
one to cancer
Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation (800) 366-2225 For children with cancer and their
American Cancer Society (800) 227-2345
CFIDS Association (800) 442-3437 For people with chronic fatigue
and immune dysfunction syndrome
CDC National AIDS Clearinghouse (800) 458-5231
Resolve (617) 623-0744 Coping with infertility
National Chronic Pain Outreach Association (301) 652-4948
Tourette Syndrome Association (800) 237-0717
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Food and Eating Issues
American Anorexia/Bulimia Association (212) 891-8686
National Association of Anorexia (847) 831-3438
Nervosa and Associated Disorders
Overeaters Anonymous (505) 891-2664
Food Addicts Anonymous (FAA) (407) 967-3871
Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS) (800) 932-8677
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Education Law
Wrightslaw Information regarding the
US Department of Civil Rights (e.g., Section 504) education rights of children with
US Department of Education (e.g., IDEA) behavioral and learning problems
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Mental Retardation
American Association on Mental Retardation (800) 424-3688
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Work Issues
The Job Stress Network
Workaholics Anonymous (510) 273-0289
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Schizophrenics Anonymous (810) 557-6777
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Mood Issues
Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation (847) 256-8525 Lots of support resources on this site
Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance (800) 826-3632
National Depression and Manic-Depression (800) 826-3632
American Suicide Foundation (800) ASF-4042 Support for suicide survivors
Friends for Survival (800) 646-7322 For family, friends and
professionals after a suicide death
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Yahoo's "Best African American Community"
Yahoo's "Best Latino Community"
Yahoo's "Best Asian American Community"
Yahoo's "Best Disability Community"
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Mental Health Information
American Psychological Association National Institute of Mental Health
Menninger's Clinic American Academy of Child and Adol. Psychiatry
Internet Mental Health WebMD
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