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On this portion of my website you will find resources for parents who wish to promote psychological health in their children. I've provided the core of these resources in the book featured on this page. However, I continue to provide supplemental materials that both support the strategy from each chapter and support the overall mission of developing and supporting resilience in youth. Please also visit my blog or Twitter page for additional free resources for parents.

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Like modern businesses, we parents are pressured to do more with less. Attending to work, home, kids, spouse, friends and self-care seems to require more time than we have. We run-and-gun just to get the required stuff done, and so often find that we’re left lacking for time for our relationships. When reflective we wonder: am I doing right by my kid(s)? How can I and him and her and us thrive given how crazy busy we are?

Our pressured state also facilitates confusion about how to respond to an overwhelming array of cultural stresses (e.g., the internet, financial pressures, the overexposure of sex in the media, the pounding of a 24-hour news cycle that features scary news). How do we find the balance between protecting our children and letting them learn how to be effective in the world?

Allow me to be your parenting efficiency manager. As Tolstoy famously wrote: “Happy families are all alike. Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” In this book I will review the science that supports Tolstoy’s insight and provide you with 10 top research supported and specific strategies for promoting wellness and happiness in your child, your family and–dare I say it– even you.  These techniques are sensitive to your hectic lifestyle and are actually designed to save you time. I will also try to share these strategies with you in a way that will make you laugh, touch you and leave you knowing that I live with and understand your concerns.

Awards for Working Parents, Thriving Families
Mom's Choice Award 2011 Gold Recipient
USA Best Books
2011 Finalist

Reviews of Working Parents, Thriving Families

Chapter Resources

Complete One Hour of Special Time with Your Child II.

Discover, Promote and Celebrate Your Child's Competencies
III. Monitor Your Child IV. Establish Enjoyable Family Rituals
V. Practice Sound Discipline VI.

Promote Healthy Decision Making, Independence and Adaptive Thinking Patterns in Your Child

Take Care of Yourself and Your Relationship with Your Significant other VIII. Emphasize a Healthy Lifestyle

Establish Collaborative Relationships with Other Important Adults X.

Get Help if Your Child is Demonstrating Problems that You're Unable to Fix

Chapter One: Special Time
Offering creative ideas for fun activities with kids familyfun.go.com/playtime
Videols helping you to remember how much you love He's My Son
your child. A Mother's Prayer
New Parent's Prayer
A webstie supporting fatherhood. 7 habits
Blog entries Conversation starters to use with a teen
The following links are some of my favorite humorous videos for parents. The difference between having 1, 2 and 3 or more kids
What an average mom covers in one day with her kids
Smarty pants dance
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Chapter Two: Competencies

Web Sites that can aide in forming a mission statement



VIA Strenths Surveys (one for adults and one for kids)

Strenghtsfinder 2.0 www.strengthsfinder.com
Websites promoting academic competencies www.freerice.com
Illustrations of the power of executed competencies www.ted.com


Blog entries Parenting a kid in sports
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Chapter Three: Monitoring
Programs for limiting your child's internet access www.bumpercar.com
A program for monitoring your child's computer usage www.spector.com
This website sells producs that can help with monitoring www.familysafemedia.com
Three sites that can provide you with lots of relevant info www.tvguidelines.org
NIH's article on monitoring www.nichd.nih.gov
Nat'l PTA's article on internet safety www.pta.org
Blog entry If your kid experiences internet addiction
Research: Teens need parents to monitor them
Monitoring a child's online life
Let your teen wear a sexy Halloween outfit?
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Chapter Four: Rituals
Websites promoting and supporting family rituals casafamilyday.org
University of Illinois
Blog entries: Helping kids cope with scary news
Surving family meals during holidays
Communicating with kids about financial stress
Reducing stress during family vacations
10 tips for orchestrating a graduation
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Chapter Five: Discipline
Some websites that help with discipline American Academy of C & A Psychiatry
Purdue University
Samples Sample token system, chips
Sample token system, points
Sample contract
Blog entries 7 tips for getting your child to do a chore
6 tips for when you lose it with your child
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Chapter Six: Decision Making, Independence & Adaptive Thinking
Video's illustrating crisis = pain + opportunity

At work

In one's personal life

An e-book on self-esteem From the Public Agency of Canada
Form and samples Blank problem solving form
Sample of completed problem solving
Sample thought testing
Blog entries Using our screw ups to help our kids
Why experiences of failure are important
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Chapter Seven: Self & Relationship Care
Sometimes humor is the best medicine


Humorous videos with parenting and family themes #1
An application with happiness exercises From Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky
Blog entries Couple care promotes effective parenting
Best marriage advice I ever heard
Finding your well of wisdom
Tips for reaching resolutions
Happy people: live longer, have better health
Helpful websites Commenting on adult happiness
For learning how to meditate
Another meditation site
iphone/itouch/ipad app for mindfullness
Strategies for promoting happiness
Inspirational stories
Supporting wellness in moms
NY Times article on infidelity, author Wendy Plump Infidelity
Check back for forms referred to i n the chapter
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Chapter Eight: Healthy Lifestyle
Websites for promoting good health habits:
Diet USDA's site for planning a diet
Physicial activity CDC's site for getting active
Sleep CDD's tip sheet for sleep hygiene
National Sleep Foundation
Download from NIH
General www.healthierus.gov
CDC's BMI calculator
Websites focusing on childhood obesity from NIH
from CDC, cartoon based
from CDC, tips for parents
from Yale University School of Medince
from the NFL
Blog entries Research: teens not getting enough sleep
Is your kid getting enough sleep?
Helping your child get a good night's sleep
Communicating with teens about STDs
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Chapter Nine: Collaboration with Other Adults
Serving to inspire those serving kids #1
Samples Sample school log sheet, younger child
Sample school log sheet, older child
Blog entries Three ways teachers can promote resilience
Coping with school anxiety
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Chapter Ten: Mental Health Care
Helpful websites covering mental health issues Reviewing evidence-based treatments
from NIMH
from the CDC
To find a therapist Psychologists with board certification
American Psychological's search engine
Psychiatrist locator
Certified counselors
from Psychology Today
Organized by state


Blog entries Millions of teens are suffering needlessly
Mental health concerns by age 21
Affording mental health care
Suicide prevention
Common myths about counseling
Some info on cognitive behavioral therapy
Tips for parenting an anxious child
To learn more about mental health parity

from American Psychological

Sells a wide assortment of self-help books for kids www.maginationpress.com
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Other Resources for Promoting Child Resilience
Videocasts on parenting topics I do these for WBRE-TV; Wilkes Barre, PA
Blog entries Time to get a gift but money is tight
Coping with bullying
Tips for when your child leaves for college
When a college grad returns home
Tips for long car trips
51 truths (as I see things anyway)
Guidelines for parenting experts
Humor Top 10 funny parenting videos
Parsing when a woman says "fine"

The American Psychological Association's (APA) APA's resilience resources
resources for promoting resilience

Free online articles on mental health topics from APA's self-help articles

Free online articles on mental health topics from Division of Independent Practitioners self-help
APA's Division 42 articles

Free online articles on mental health topics from PPA's self-help articles
the Pennsylvania Psychological Association (PPA)

PBS Montana's DVD on positive psychology PBS Montana's DVD

PPA publishes a quarterly electronic newsletter Psychology News You Can Use sign up
for lay people on an assortment of practical
topics. Click to the right to subscribe for free.
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